CIO’s need to change the image of themselves and the function they lead. The pressure of Digital enablement and the IT functions role in supporting and driving this opportunity requires a new way of engaging the rest of the business.

The current generation of CIO's bear the great responsibility of redefining how the IT function integrates itself and redefines its front-office role in the business and importantly keep the back-office running with operational excellence

CIknOw provides a catalog of uniquely designed services and platforms that support the objectives of  the CIO. We don't just deliver Consultancy but a suite of solutions that help you get the right outcomes to:

  • Develop and execute strategies for a Digital world  

  • Building your leadership and improving your impact and influence

  • Helping you build and lead a high performing team,

  • Curating the right partnerships and relationships to get business outcomes and value

  • Ensuring you become a respected and trusted member of the CIO cohort



We focus on your success both for the organisation you are with and the external CIO landscape


Personalised and curated content based on your cycle plan of priority


Connections and peer reviews by other CIO’s


Insights and bench-marking by

design not by request


We are the wind beneath your wings and don’t aim to take the spotlight from you

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