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Transform how you work. Transform your organisation.

We’re a team of IT leaders, thinkers and strategists.

Unlike other consultants, our prime focus is on developing you personally so you have the skills, knowledge and confidence to excel in your role as a CIO, CTO or IT executive and achieve your professional goals.

We also work with senior IT professionals and business leaders to develop and deliver long-term strategies, improve internal operations and performance, and ensure the power of technology is fully utilised to grow businesses.   


How we power transformation.









Our expert services cover four key areas to help you improve personally and professionally, and to drive your organisation faster towards its business goals.

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Wealth of experience

You’ll benefit from the skills and 
knowledge of IT leaders with proven track records at the highest levels 

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Top strategic advice

Our leading thinkers have vast 
experience in creating and 
implementing technology strategies

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No risks for you

We offer a free consultation in 
which you can learn more about 
our services and ways of working 

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Bespoke Support

We’ll work closely with you to
identify the tailored support and
services you need to excel

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Expertise on demand

We can provide you with top 
IT experts who can manage and 
deliver your projects on time 


Sustainability guidance

We can help ensure technology 
drives your organisation faster 
towards a carbon zero future

Take advantage
of all these

With experience across a wide range of sectors, we’re positive we can help transform how you work and your organisation.

“C.I.KNOW has been a great sparring partner in helping me take my organisation into the digital future.”

Sandeep Seeripat,
Chief Information Officer, Twinings Ovo

Delighted clients.


Our expert team is
ready to help you now

They are tech leaders with a wealth of experience  working as CIOs, CTOs and IT executives at major  national and international companies. 

Now, they’re ready to pass on their world-class  knowledge, skills and contacts to help you achieve 
your personal goals and drive digital transformation.

Learn more about our team

Free discovery call.

C.I.KNOW is not your typical technology consultancy. Why? Because our number one priority is improving you professionally and personally. Contact us today to find out more.

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