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People services.

Hugely experienced and completely independent, we’re here to help you improve, achieve your career goals and ultimately look rather brilliant.

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Mentoring 1-2-1 

Through decades of experience, we understand that being a CIO, CTO or IT executive can be difficult, frustrating and lonely. 

That’s why we decided to create a 1-2-1 mentoring service to support people in these positions so they’re more equipped and confident to tackle the issues they face. 

How you benefit


  • Discuss your ideas with an experienced technology expert to test their validity and likelihood of success

  • Benefit from the knowledge, skills and experiences of your mentor, who can help you develop and grow

  • Transfer what you learn to your wider team to help them develop as individuals and improve their performance 

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We can provide structured coaching to you, your IT team or a leadership team to bring out the best in each person, whilst helping develop further skills and knowledge.

Working closely with you, we can create a coaching programme that helps you achieve your objectives and effectively deliver your strategies. Typically, a coaching programme lasts between six to 12 months.

How you benefit

  • We can customise our coaching so it focuses on a specific issue, project or strategy, depending on your needs 

  • Coaching is tailored to your processes so everything you learn can easily be actioned in the real world

  • Our coaches are all experts in their field and have a wealth of experience across a range of sectors

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Bespoke CIO programme

We can develop a personalised, intensive ‘boot camp’ to help you become more of the person and professional you want to be.

Areas we can focus on include your own values and career vision; making you more of an effective leader; helping you land your technology strategy; aligning your work with your organisation’s mission.

How you benefit 

  • Real-world learning in which you solve problems, get creative and develop skills and knowledge

  • Tailored training and support to help you get on the right career path or land a particular job

  • Opportunity to talk openly and in detail with tech leaders who have the professional scars you have

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Peer networks 

We can connect you with other CIOs, CTOs and IT executives to share ideas, discuss whether you’re experiencing the same issues and identify potential solutions to problems.

There’s no catch. No supplier trying to sell you a product. Just regular, independent meetings in which six to 10 tech professionals have honest conversations about their experiences and aspirations.  

How you benefit

  • You feel less alone in your role and have the opportunity to speak openly to others in similar positions and experiences 

  • You hear different perspectives and benefit from other people’s know

  • Guest experts provide invaluable insights into specific problems or areas of work

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C.I.KNOW is not your typical technology consultancy. Why? Because our number one priority is improving you professionally and personally. Contact us today to find out more.

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