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Huge inspiration resulting in total satisfaction. 

We provide tailored services to senior IT professionals from a wide range of sectors.

With every client, we work closely with them to understand the world they operate in, identify their personal and organisational goals, and develop the support they need to excel.  

Already, our attention to detail, expert knowledge and passion for what we do has led to significant success for a wide range of individuals and multinational companies.  


 Case study 

Delivering a WOW IT Strategy and user experience for Twinings Biztech


Sandeep Seeripat,
CIO Twinings Ovo


Sandeep Seeripat, CIO at Twinings Ovo, reveals how CIknOw’s support and guidance has had a hugely positive impact on him personally and his organisation. 

What issues were you facing when you got in touch with C.I.KNOW?

I was developing and embedding a new business technology strategy and needed an external expert to challenge my thinking and my leadership team’s thinking. I needed to standardise the IT infrastructure at my organisation and provide a new service model for my global backups. I needed help setting up a new digital centre for Twinings Ovo in India, which included building new capabilities there.


How did C.I.KNOW help you on a personal level?

It was great to have a sounding board for my ideas and someone to show me there were different ways of doing things. I feel like I’ve developed as a leader because of the guidance and support I’ve received from C.I.KNOW.

C.I.KNOW has connected me with other IT leaders and extended my professional network, which has been hugely beneficial to me and my organisation.


How did C.I.KNOW support your organisation?

C.I.KNOW has opened the eyes of my leadership team to new ideas and what’s possible in the digital world. Despite a range of challenges, C.I.KNOW helped us to successfully set up our new digital centre in India.


Would you recommend C.I.KNOW to other senior IT professionals?

Definitely. They bring a practical perspective to their insights but also remain aspirational too. There’s also a huge advantage working with a smaller consultancy company that adapts their approach and services so they perfectly suit your needs.

“C.I.KNOW has been a great sparring partner in helping me take my organisation into the digital future.”

Sandeep Seeripat,
Chief Information Officer, Twinings Ovo

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