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Strategy services.

We offer a wide range of expert services to improve you personally and professionally, have the impact you want, and increase your value in your organisation and beyond. 

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Technology strategy 

Our highly experienced experts will work closely with you to help you develop a clear, transformational strategy that’s right for your organisation.

We’ll also help to ensure your strategy is easily understood by your leadership team so it has a much better chance of being approved.

Typically, our work in this area involves:


  • Discussing and challenging your ideas and sharing best practice with you

  • Creating a strong, clear link between your technology strategy and the overall aims of your organisation

  • Identifying potential allies in your organisation and getting them on side to land your strategy

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Organisational strategy

In the past, companies created their organisational strategy and then looked at how IT could play a supporting role.

Now, technology defines business processes and should be at the heart of an organisational strategy.

If you’re a CIO, we can help make sure this happens at your company by:

  • Providing advice and guidance to secure you a seat at the top table so you can input into the development of an organisational strategy

  • Moving your thinking away from IT-based results to strategic business results, so you’re equipped to help develop an organisational strategy

  • Facilitate meetings about an organisational strategy and help to explain the key role technology can play within it

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ESG strategy 

Major commitments are being made in company boardrooms, but the Environmental, social and governance (ESG) mandate is remaining challenging for many companies to embrace. 

AT C.I.KNOW, we can help you utilise the full power of technology to:


  • Move your business towards a carbon zero future, help achieve the goals of COP26, support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  

  • Make your company more diverse and inclusive, which can boost employee satisfaction, innovation and your bottom line. 

  • Improve how your organisation governs itself, which encompasses the disclosure of information, compliance with regulations, and auditing and accounting.  

Our other services.






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C.I.KNOW is not your typical technology consultancy. Why? Because our number one priority is improving you professionally and personally. Contact us today to find out more.

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